Results are in! Women Lead Right a Huge Success!


TUESDAY, JULY 19, 2022


ATLANTA – Women Lead Right, a grassroots organization of Georgian women, announces the dramatic results of its first-ever suburban Atlanta mobilization effort to re-engage the formerly reliable Republican female voter. “These were center-right and independent women voters in the suburbs who did not vote in Republican primaries in 2016, 2018, or 2020. WLR targeted these women because we know the incredible power they hold in elections. We are reminding them that conservatives will deliver on the issues most important to them in November of 2022.” says Founder and President Leah Aldridge.

Data shows that nearly half, 49.4%, of the WLR targeted universe of women, returned to vote in the Mayprimary. Of those, an incredible 82% voted Republican.

The numbers were impressive with minority female voters, with Asian and Hispanic women pulling Republican ballots over Democrat ballots nearly 3-to-1.

“These are really dramatic numbers,” Aldridge says, “but we aren’t surprised. We had an army of volunteers across Fulton, DeKalb, Cobb, and Forsyth counties doing the grassroots work necessary to re-engage these voters.” In just three months, from February to May, Women Lead Right volunteers made 25,000 contacts in the 4-county area, with postcards, call and text campaigns, and in-person events. 

“From our early polling and contact with these women we found that the overwhelming concern among our suburban women is the state of our economy, sky-high prices for groceries and gas. They also cite schools and personal safety. The goal of Women Lead Right is to educate women about the issues they care about and make our case for why Republicans are the best hope for getting our country back on a sensible track,” says Aldridge.

“The media and political insiders all say the suburban female vote is what will sway the upcoming election,” says Aldridge. “Based on the numbers we helped produce in May, we believe we are uniquely positioned to build on that momentum in November.”

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