Emperor Joe Has No Clothes

The Emperor’s New Clothes, written by Hans Christian Andersen in 1837, tells the tale of a prideful king who is so surrounded by “yes men”, that he wears an invisible suit of “magnificent clothing” in a public parade. The townsfolk uncomfortably go along with the pretense, out of fear, until a child blurts out that the emperor is wearing nothing at all. The emperor continues on – confident his subjects will accept anything he decrees and disbelieve what they can plainly see. 

Sound familiar?

We, at Women Lead Right, call out Joe Biden, the mainstream press, democratic leaders in Congress and all who obfuscate the truth about President Biden’s physical and mental incompetency, his son, Hunter Biden’s corruption and Kamala Harris’ incoherent blunders (watch her explain “AI” on YouTube).

It doesn’t matter if you lean left or right. You know what you see.

Pick one – elections, the IRS, the FBI, Congress, the police, our healthcare system, our public schools – most Americans don’t trust a single one. Why is faith in ALL of our institutions at an all-time low?

Perhaps it’s because, like that town in the parable, we are being peddled a story by politicians that doesn’t match our reality or our values.  

This administration’s “magnificent suit” is an America they call “honorable” when blue collar workers pay the college debt of others; an America they call “compassionate” if our borders are open (ignoring the sex trafficking of children and free flow of fentanyl); and an America that values unions over economically disadvantaged children learning to read.

They peddle opioid needles, “defund the police” policies, homeless camps in city parks, never-ending rising prices and unreliable supply chains while claiming we are in an economic recovery and communities are safe.

They replace education with social agendas:  boys are girls if they say so, “trust the science”…until its xx chromosomes, and “my body, my decision” except during Covid. They have declared the “American Dream” white supremacy. 

So, why are women still supporting the left who is serving up this decline as the “new normal”?

Let’s get real.

Like that little boy in the parable, we know what we see and this “new normal” is anything but. 

“Emperor Joe has no clothes” and we are here to shout it at every PTA meeting, in every board room and at the polls. 

Women have the heart and numbers to change the entire game.

Are you with us?

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Women. Lead. Right.

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