5 Reasons Why Women Should Get Involved in Politics

5 Reasons Why Women Should Get Involved in Politics

Are you a mom worried about the future for your children? Are you a woman facing retirement and concerned that your retirement savings will fall short? Are you a student/early career-aged woman feeling silenced by your learning or working environment? If you answered yes, please read on.

You may be thinking it is impossible for one woman to effect change or perhaps you’re not sure where to start with politics. The truth is: if you get involved in politics, you can meaningfully protect your family, your livelihood, your community and promote our shared values, today and for the future.

Here are five reasons why women should get involved in politics—we invite you to start today.

  1. You know what you believe but feel uncomfortable when folks bring up politics. Let’s change that and build confidence through knowledge.

Politics. It is a word that can stir up a lot of emotions, from frustration, to passion, to downright apathy. But no matter how you feel about it, there is no denying that politics has a huge impact on all of us. That is why it is important to take the time to learn about the basics of politics. From understanding how the government works, to staying up to date on current events, knowing what is going on in the world of politics can help you to make informed decisions and act on issues that matter to YOU. Women Lead Right is a trusted source of vetted articles and news about issues most important to you! By taking the time to learn the basics, you will be better equipped to engage with the world around you and have a voice in shaping the future.

  1. Together, we can amplify the voices of conservative women, our families, and our communities by representing those voices in government.

Have you ever felt like your voice is not being heard by those in power? It is frustrating to feel powerless, but there’s hope. Women Lead Right is a great group of women who are empowering other women to share their views and values with candidates, policy-makers and elected leaders at the Georgia State and US Capitols. Join us at one of our events https://womenleadrightga.org/events/ to meet elected officials to share directly what’s on YOUR mind. We have been hosted on the Ga State Senate Floor, received a 2022 Senate Resolution for Outstanding Public Service, brought the Governor of Georgia, Ambassador Nikki Haley, the First Lady of Georgia, former US Senator Kelly Loeffler, and many local elected officials to our events for YOU. We deliver access…you can do the rest.

  1. Let’s challenge the political stereotype that the Republican Party is a party of men.

Are you tired of hearing that the Democratic Party is the party “of women and for women”? Do you feel that the Republican Party has lost its way? Do you shake your head when people talk about “women’s issues” because those issues are not “your” issues? Much has made much of the Republican party’s so-called “suburban women problem” – from South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham coining the term in 2018, to Former US Senator Saxby Chambliss who was quoted as saying suburban women are the key to Georgia elections. Many have identified the problem. But no one has solved it… until now. By educating ourselves, amplifying our voices and our values and working together, supporting one another, we can impact the political process, our communities, and our state. No one knows a community – its neighborhoods and schools, its businesses, and places of worship – like women. We are the cornerstone of our neighborhoods and that makes us Georgia’s greatest untapped political resource.

  1. Find community by joining our network to meet people who can mentor, guide, and support you as you learn about politics. You are likely to meet a lifelong friend!

Now, more than ever, independent, right-leaning and conservative women keep their views to themselves – at work, with friends, at school, at places of worship. But women thrive in community. At Women Lead Right, we want you to know you are not alone. Hundreds of our women share your views and having a strong network of mentors, guides, and supporters can make all the difference. Whether you are just starting out or have been engaged in politics for a while, surrounding yourself with knowledgeable individuals can help you gain a deeper understanding of the issues and help you shape your unique, value-informed views. In today’s world, networking has become easier than ever before, thanks to social media platforms and groups such as ours. So why not take advantage of these resources and connect with people who can help you grow and succeed on your journey? Be sure to join our private Facebook Group and follow us on social media. Links on our home page.

  1. Let’s open more doors for you professionally through policy making …and maybe inspire you to run for office one day.

Early and mid-career women, you have worked hard to get where are today, but if you are ready to take your career to the next level, consider gaining experience in policy making. By involving yourself in the process of developing policies and meeting lawmakers at WLR events, you can gain valuable insights into how decisions are made and how they impact society. Not only will this experience make you a more well-rounded professional, but it also opens countless new opportunities to advance your career. Whether you are interested in government positions, non-profit work, or the private sector, a background in policy making can help you stand out from the crowd and bring fresh perspectives to any organization. Invest in yourself and your future by gaining experience in policy making with Women Lead Right and other partner organizations and maybe run for office one day yourself! Interested? Let us know by signing up on our website under the “Run for Office“ tab.

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